They say a picture is worth a thousand words

I, like many others, am just a mom who loves taking pictures of her little ones. So have a seat and take a peek at what life actually LOOKS like inside the boys' locker room!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My day in pictures! 03/05/2009

*this is what I woke up to find*

*how they are able to make a mess this early is beyond me*

*time to leave*

*drop the little ones off at daycare*

*on our way to LSU hospital for milkshake's endocrinology appt*

*finally found a parking spot after waiting 10 minutes*

*waiting for the nurse to take his weight and height*

*what I was reading while we were waiting*

*waiting for the doctor to come in*
(he always ends up in the princess room) 

*after seeing the doctor, now waiting to get our blood drawn*

*walking back to the car*

*getting the kids' phone repaired*
(unfortunately the charging element went out and now the phone just has to be replaced)

Spent the remaining of the afternoon at home. 

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